At nearly six feet in diameter, the Grandelier is visually impressive.


At just 12.5 lbs, It can be hung by one person and  from locations no other chandelier could be supported.


Uncomplicated to transport and assemble.  Flat when unassembled, requiring just two cable-ties to secure.
Easy to store and transport.

Only 33” x 44” x 1.5” unassembled

Superior dimensional quality.

A full six segments secured with 2 cable ties

Great for advance or longer installations and no electrical runs.

700+ hour LED flicker candles (12)

Quick and easy to install pendants.

12 pendants included




Reflects colored light beautifully

Grandelier in Black

Compare both Grandelier sizes.

At 28” in diameter, Le Petit Grandelier remains large enough to create visual impact in smaller venues or in scenarios complimenting the full size Grandelier. It comes standard in white PVC sheet with silhouette candles and is non-illuminated. Only 19” x 14” x 1.5” unassembled. Just under 3 lbs. Sold in sets of three. (Temporarily sold individually)